CASE: Noir Stockholm

When developing the Noir Stockholm hair care brand, Hans and Ellen Nilsson wanted to create the perfect combination of style and care. Not compromising on neither the caring qualities of the products nor their functionality, when building that brand through earned media, our goal was to establish a long term credibility as a high end brand with premium quality products. 

We built the Noir Stockholm brand identity with selective product placements – including with information, but with careful, strategic placements of the physical products, to ensure a feeling of exclusivity within the communicative target group. 

The brand quickly became a beauty editor go-to, with recurring endorsements in beauty sections of Styleby, Elle, Damernas Värld and Plaza Kvinna, as well as in the editors’ own social media feeds. Combined with loyal brand ambassadors among influencers, every new product launch from Noir Stockholm is highly anticipated.

With Noir Stockholm expanding internationally, we’ve created international PR guidelines to ensure a streamlined game-plan across all markets.

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